About us! Icdartwork

Hi there! I am Ian, a husband to a beautiful wife and father to a 5 year old lad. But by day I am a graphic designer with a genuine passion to create and share artwork with the world.

At school I found I was good at art and also enjoyed working with computers. I took my GCSEs into a degree where my love of word art developed. Perhaps my most favourite piece of work of all time as it brought me to where I am now was a project on the Olympic games where I recreated a map of Britain. Team GB and the Olympic 5 rings from words. Now, I am still passionate about bringing concepts to life almost twenty years later.

The word art idea spread throughout my personal life into producing wedding gifts for a close friend and my father-in-law on their wedding days by building up silhouettes of couples from words that make them who they are. I also surprised my wife on our wedding day during the toasts with a similar A0 print.

During the covid years, I started to experiment with a range of designs using a word art style. The reactions I was getting from some of the design, this gave me the motivation to start up an Etsy shop back in Nov 2020. This was a massive step for me, I got myself set up with a printer and began to produce designs. I soon evolved from doing the word art designs into photo collages. Creating my brand into a personalised photo collage with my range of designs. Which is great gifts for all the family.

I am always looking for inspiration for my next inspiration. Whether its of a personal interest or something someone has requested